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Exclusive train trip on Saturday 13 May to mark 10th anniversary Three Rivers Comunity Rail Partnership

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday 13 May 2017 we will be running the Fawley Forester Rail Tour.

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary since the inception of the Three Rivers Comunity Rail Partnership and running the shuttles between Southampton and Fawley, to promote the possible re-opening of the railway to passengers.

The re-opening is planned to run passenger rail service from Southampton Central to Hythe and eventually through to the redeveloped Power Station at Fawley, known as Fawley Waterside.

The departure times are as follows:

Eastleigh depart 10.26am
Southampton Central (trip 1) depart 10.54am
Southampton Central (trip 2) depart 13.04pm
Southampton Central (trip 3) depart 15.15pm

To add to your day out, with thanks to Bluestar, we ar providiting (on a first come first served basis) a bus tour of the New Forest, starting and finishing from Southampton Central Rail Station. Please see your steward when you board the train to book your place.

There is no charge for the bus tour, but we would welcome a donation and this can be given to the Driver as you board the bus. Staff will direct you to the bus at Southampton Central station.

In adition to the bus tour we are delighted to announce we have agreed with the operator and owner of the Hythe Ferry that all Fawley Forester tickect holders can travelto and from Hythe for 20% off any fare, on production of your ticket at the Ticket Office at Town Quay in Southampton, or the Pier at Hythe.

Finally and with thanks to South West Trains, anyone unlucky enough to miss the Fawley Forester back from Southampton Central to Hastings, cantravel on the Soth West TRains services, northbound only, between Southampton Central and Basingstoke, again on presentation of your Fawley Forester ticket to a member of South West Trains Platform or On-Board staff.

More information regarding the Fawley rail excursion being run this Saturday by Hastings Diesel.

As bookings via Hastings Diesel are now closed, tickets for the shuttle services between Southampton Central and Fawley will be available on the day from a member of the Three Rivers Community Rail Partnership at Southampton Central Station on a first come, first served basis.

The free Blue Star bus tour of the New Forest will leave Southampton Central station forecourt at 1300.

We think that covers all outstanding points, and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Any questions, just e mail us.

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