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Woolston Signal Box garden progresses in the sunshine!

On a very hot morning today, volunteers managed to complete building the 2 raised beds in the garden and clear the remainder of ivy off the fence as can be seen from the attached photo. Special thanks should be given to Jason of City College who did most of the heavy duty building for us. His help was greatly appreciated. As for Nancy, Lucy and Ted, well done for all the work undertaken in the sweltering conditions!

We were also thrilled to see that new gates had been provided for our garden by a donor not yet identified, so whoever it was, thank you! The iron gates to the platform itself have also been mended after many years, so again this is a welcome improvement to the area.

There is still a great deal to be done though. We plan to be at the garden again on Thursday 4 August between 0930 and 1230 when we hope to fill the 2 raised beds we made with more compost and topsoil, possibly start planting them, start clearing another area for another raised bed, continue clearing any unwanted vegetation and start creating a flower pot area near the signal box. Ambitious or what?

So, if you would like to join this great and fulfilling project please let me know. Its hard work, but really satisfying. Likewise if you have any spare plants, seeds or pots you would like to donate to us, call us on 07900 103296

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